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About Loopr Partners

Loopr Partners specializes in providing fundraising, publishing, and M&A advisory services specifically for the video gaming sector. We support gaming companies in securing strategic or financial capital, managing sell-side processes, and navigating strategic acquisitions across diverse geographies and sectors. Our clientele spans studios, publishers, service providers, and infrastructure firms, encompassing AI tools, engines, and enterprise SAAS solutions. With an expansive network, we connect clients to financial investors, strategic acquirers, and potential targets.


Our Branches

Our video game marketing agency.

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Our tech marketing agency.

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Proven Track Record in the Gaming Sector

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Successful Partnerships
Strategic Acquisitions
Financial Capital
Sell-Side Processes

Our Services

Connecting Gaming Companies to Strategic Opportunities



Through our vast network comprising over 150 strategic and financial investors, we facilitate companies in securing funding of $5 million or beyond.


Publishing & equity deals

We streamline negotiations involving strategic stakes, publishing contracts, and long-term buyout options, ensuring mutual satisfaction and protection for both parties involved.


Sell-Side Advisory

We act on behalf of established companies valued at $10 million or above, seeking an exit strategy. Our comprehensive support spans the entire M&A process, from document preparation to closure, ensuring your company discovers the ideal long-term partner.


Buy-Side Advisory

We help major enterprises aiming to penetrate new markets or sectors. Leveraging our distinctive position within government programs, we possess the capability to extend a broad and extensive global reach.

Founder's Note

"We excel at delivering real results for our clients. Over the years, we've perfected the craft of striking deals and delivering satisfaction. There's no one better in the games industry to help you get a publishing deal or investment than us."
John Smith

Wahid Lodin


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